"The Secretary" & Why I wear Belts

Today’s Secretary Dress comes from Asos.com. Asos is a trendy stylish site and they feature a plus size line called Curve. This Asos Curve dress was purchased about two years ago but I only managed to wear it once. The dress came with out the belt.
I want to touch on the reasons why I belt the majority of my clothes!!!
1. It creates a more curvy silohette. 
I dont have curvy hips so cinching my waist with belts gives my shape that illusion.
2. Belts are an accessory and they add flare to any drab or boring outfit.
I feel that by adding accessories to an outfit, it sort of makes it your own. Shows your creativity.
3. Instant Altering. Using a belt for what it was actually created for. To alter the shape of clothing. I tend to go up a size in my clothing. Instead of taking it in or exchanging it. I belt it and that alters the outfit to my liking.
4. I just happen to love them. Point blank period.
I hope this post puts belts in a whole new perspective. I know it’s one of the most important accessories in my wardrobe.

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