Skater Style Fit & Flare

Dress| Fashion To Figure (last season)
I truly believe the Skater Style or Fit & Flare dresses are my absolute favorite style of dress. They compliment almost everybody type. The make the silhouette all that more flattering. They can be worn day, night, work and play and they come in almost every fabric and color. What’s not to like about them?? 
Of course, I belted mine. But because of the shape of the dress, it isn’t necessary. It still creates a very flattering look with or without.
I purchased this dress last season (and yes this is the first time wearing it. Don’t shoot me) but there are so many companies and brands that make similar dresses.
I’ve attached some of my favorite ones and the ones that are on my wish list (Gotta get em).
Forever 21
Fashion To Figure

As you can see, you can find this style of dress at almost every price point and for almost every occasion. I hope you try this style of dress. Leave a comment and let me know where you find your skater style dresses!
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