Not All Mascaras are Created Equal

Good Morning Lovies!
Hope everyone out there is doing well this a.m. I decided to do this post because a lot of women struggle to find great mascaras. Mascara can change your entire look and I think it’s something that every woman can do and everyone should own. It’s the easiest makeup product to go from drab to fab.
I’ve been on such a mascara kick lately, I’m usually a false lash girl everyday. But recently I’ve been really into building my God given lashes with great mascaras.
I’ve done my research and these are my top contenders. In no particular order.
This mascara is a great one. The brush and formula work so well together. It’s a super creamy formula and it’s buildable. The more coats you use, the better.
Con: The price point is a little higher than most mascaras.
This mascara is my all time favorite drugstore mascara. It’s an oldie but goodie. It’s drier formula works well for me due to my sensitive eyes (bad allergies). It can be layered with other formulas for even more dramatic look and the size of the brush is ideal for both top and bottom lash application. What more can I say about it, I love it.
Con: It dries out faster than most mascaras that I use so you’d be buying it more often.
The brush is what makes this mascara amazing. It’s swivel design coats and pulls out every single lash. I absolutely love that it gives you the most volume that a mascara can give.
It’s not better than sex but it definitely is better than most mascaras I’ve used.
CONS: The brush sometimes gets super gunky and clumpy. Must wipe off excess product for maximum results
MAC has come along way with their mascara portfolio. There used to only be zoom lash and dazzle lash (which I loved but they could use some improvement) but then they stepped up their lash game by adding some superior formulas into the mix. This one was released, I think, last year sometime. And it has been making noise ever sense it’s release. The major “PRO” about this mascara is the brush that has bristles all around it. It grabs every single lash and lengthens it times 10. The mousse like formula coats and nourishes the lashes. This particular formula has carbon black pigment in it so it’s super duper black. I love it.
CONS: You can not pair this with any other mascara or it tends to get clumpy.

This dual-ended brush gives maximum volume and maximum curl. I tried this mascara on a whim because a miniture one came for free with another purchase and I fell in love with it. It’s not my most favorite but it gets the job done and it does what it’s supposed to. A good splurge item.
CONS: The price is super expensive for mascara.

This is my FAVORITE Mascara at the moment. I’ve been using this religiously. I love that there are two seperate brushes (one for length/one for volume). There are also two seperate formulas (regular black and TOO BLACK). I tend to go with the TOO BLACK formula because it’s creamier and darker due to the carbon pigment mixed into it. This mascara gives me life everytime I use it. I apply maybe 3 coats and my lashes are MEGA LASHES. I can’t find fault with this mascara as of yet. I’m totally hooked.

Here’s a photo of me rocking my HAUTE AND NAUGHTY Mascara. No alterations have been made to this picture and it was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4.

I hope my post helps you lash lovers in some way.
Thank you for reading this post and as always,

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