“Elizabeth” High Low Dress $128.00

“Amelia” Lace Panel Velvet Dress $148.00

“Gissel” Scallop Lace Crop Top and Skirt $140.00

“Hunter” Asymmetrical Crop and Skirt $140.00
“Isabel” Lace Peplum Dress” $198.00

“Josie” Fringe Dress $168.00

“Judith” Sequin Dress $148.00

“Ricki” Tuxedo Jumpsuit $158.00

“Constance” Faux Leather Insert Dress $198.00
I am so obsessed with new Holiday collection. I just don’t know what to do! I want everything. I didn’t post the complete collection but I wanted to post some of my must haves and my faves from the collection. Everything is under $200.00 (which is a plus) and there are so many colors of the same style that you have a large variety to choose from. I am doing my damn-dest to not go overboard and spend $1000 on this site. I’m going to have to pace myself and buy one piece at a time. 
Have you shopped with MonifC before? What are your thoughts on this collection? Any must haves?
Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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