Brand Spotlight-Milani Cosmetics

Disclaimer: All the products mentioned in this haul were purchased by me and were not sent from the company for review.
Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s jump right into this.
I am extremely overly obsessed with this brand!!! Milani Cosmetics have amazing products for half the price of Prestige Brands (Prestige brand is a cosmetic brand sold at a high end retailer i.e. Estee Lauder, MAC, Lancome, etc.). The pigmentation and quality of their products rival higher end brands and is some time preferred to such higher end brands.
Let me show you what I purchased.
These gorgeous lipsticks come in 8 colors (I’m featuring 4). All in a smooth creamy matte texture. They glide on creamy but dry matte. The pigmentation is amazing. They retail from $4-$6 (depending on the retailer you choose). Of these 4, “Matte Blissful” is my absolute favorite. Such a pretty light pink color. It’s like a mix of M.A.C’s “Snob” and Faux” lipsticks with a smoother texture.
Another awesome feature about these lipsticks, besides the amazing quality and price, is their packaging. The bottom shows the color that’s in the tube with the name and the sleek gold packaging makes the lipsticks look more luxurious. I’m a sucker for gold packaging. Milani consistently creates amazing lip products. Among my most favorite.


These amazingly crafted hybrid powders are super soft but greatly pigmented. They come in 29 shades (Again, I’m featuring 4). They can be used wet or dry (Dry for a stunning shimmer, Wet for more impact). They are super blendable and leave a high-impact sheen to the eye with micro shimmers (not overly glittery or sparkly). They retail for about $5 a piece. I only got a couple because I wanted to test them out but of course milani didn’t disappoint. The packaging is the same as all other products, gold and fabulous.
I swatched them dry but as you can see, they show up vividly in just a finger swatch, so imagine packing them on or wearing them wet.
Baked Powder Blush

Now these little gems are all over the internet. They come in 9 shades (I’m featuring 2). The number one most talked about shade is “Luminoso”. Every blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, etc is using it. That’s the one I went to get but of course my Duane Reade is out of stock. So I purchased the two below. There are no swatches because I just got them but the color is AMAZE-BALLS. It’s like a blush and highlighter in one!!! You always can add extra shimmer to the cheeks but I love these alone! So beautiful. Doning the same luxurious packaging as the rest.

Rose D’oro on the left/Dolce Pink on the right

I am a firm believer that one makeup brand can’t satisfy all my cosmetics needs but this brand is definitely trying to prove me wrong. Mostly everything they make is a home-run. This is just a small haul but I definitely plan to return with more Milani is the future.
If you are looking for quality, great prices, great products, a great range of colors, and just an overall great brand, check out your Milani display at your nearest RX store. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.
Until next post,

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