Bele Virgin Hair: First Impression/Review

Bele Virgin Hair Aliexpress
DISCLAIMER: All outcomes will not be the same. I can only speak from my point of view and experience. Please note that I have not been sent this hair. The hair was purchased with my own funds. And all my thoughts and opinions are mine! This is NOT a sponsored post.

I was tired of my short bob style so I went on the hunt for some good quality hair. I tend to go with Aliexpress because they have quality hair with great prices. I don’t see myself spending $500 + for hair. Especially being that I don’t reuse my hair.

 I’ve spent countless hours on YOUTUBE looking at review after review. I came across a review for BELE VIRGIN HAIR. After watching one after the other, I decided to check this company out. I was pleasantly surprised at the pricing. I then ordered my hair on a Sunday evening.
Let’s begin with the pricing. I paid $111.00 for 4 Bundles of 5A Brazilian Body Wave 100% Virgin Hair. I was super happy about this price.

(Click here to be directed to the exact link of the hair I purchased)

I ordered my hair on a Sunday evening. I received my hair on the Friday after. So in all, it took 5 days to process and ship.

I ordered 2 bundles of Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair in lengths (2 bundles)16inch. and  (2 bundles)18inch.

This is how my hair looked once it arrived
It came in seperate plastic packaging and all in one ziploc plastic package. Very simple but a little better than most companies.
I also received a complimentary pack of flexi-rods rollers. I thought this was really nice of them. Being as though they definitely didn’t have to send me anything.
I unraveled the bundles to make sure the wefting was up to par. I loved the wave pattern. I didn’t experience any weird smells or anything.

Here is the construction of the weft. The weft had visible NO BEARDING. (Which is great because I hate that look)

I co-washed the hair (with DOVE CONDITIONER) and let it air dry. I did not comb through it after it was dry. So I didn’t get much shedding. And also didn’t get much through-out the co-wash process. No tangling as well.
This hair blends very well with my relaxed hair. It retained it’s wave pattern after co-washing and became even softer.

Here it is after air-drying from the co-wash (BTW Co-Wash is washing with conditioner instead of shampoo).

My stylist loves to take photos (Shawanna Anderson of SHAIR ELEGANCE SALON: 1252 Troy Avenue. Brooklyn, NY) so of course I got a few photos of the natural wave pattern before she curled it.

This was before any product or heat was applied to the hair. And before layering and cutting.

Overall, I would give this company and hair 2 thumbs up. So far, I’m in love. The Price is GREAT. The amount of time for processing and shipping is GREAT. The look and feel of the hair is GREAT. No smell. Minimal Shedding. Also, I have had this hair in for 3 days and have yet to re-curl it. I put 4 flexi-rods in my hair at night and it retains the curl all day. WIN WIN WIN! I definitely would recommend this company to others.

Here is the hair installed.

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