Perfectly Polished In 10 Minutes

No Amount of Makeup can Mask An Ugly Heart ~Kevyn Aucoin
Long ago, i tried to adopt a routine for makeup when I’m strapped for time. With testing out various products and techniques, I finally found the perfect routine that I can execute in 10 to 15 minutes. It still looks polished and well executed but takes less time and less products than my 30 minutes routine.
Being that my skin is oily, I chose the most matte form of products possible. ALL POWDERS.
*Please Note: This routine will not be the best for everyone. I do not recommend using all powder on drier skin types.
I will attempt to walk you through my steps to achieve my ultra simple 10 minute face.
1. PRIMER- This can be your normal primer. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, especially with using powders. You need something for them to adhere too. SO primer is definitely essential. Of late, I’ve been using  Rimmel Stay Matte Primer with MAC  Prep + Prime Line Filler underneath my eyes. I also use an eyeshadow primer in my brows to reduce oily-ness in that area. I’ve been using Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula. I fill my eyebrows in like normal but I do them before foundation (which is not usually the case because I usually do them after my foundation when using liquids). I mostly always use a brow pencil. Today, I used Anatasia Brow Wiz in Brunette
2. CONCEAL- This step is optional for some. If you don’t have overly apparent dark circles or any color correcting to do, you can skip this process all together. For me, I use a cream concealer under and on top of my eyes to cancel out darkness and I use the same concealer underneath my brows to highlight that area.  Today, I used MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC42 (which is a shade lighter than my foundation)
3. EVEN OUT- Here’s where the first powder comes into play. I go in and even out my complexion with a FULL COVERAGE POWDER FOUNDATION. I place this everywhere on the face EXCEPT where I placed the concealer underneath the eyes. Today, I used MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in C6
4. HIGHLIGHT- Now, you want to set that under eye concealer. Today, I used MAC Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder in Medium Plus to lock that concealer into place. If you want a brighter look under the eye, use a sponge to press the powder in. If you want a more subtle look, use a brush to press powder into this area. (Artist Notes: I LOVE USING THE E.L.F Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
5. CONTOUR- Because foundation of any kind takes away dimension from the face by changing it all to one color, you want to use a product to bring the dimension back to the face. So I contour the perimeters of my face, the hollows of my cheeks and the sides of my nose with a deeper warmer powder. Today, I used MAC Studio Fix Powder + Plus in NW45. (Artist Notes: You can also use this as a blush to skip a step). Another place that I add the warmer color is to the crease of my eye. It adds dimension and color to that area without using a different product. It also ties the contouring into the other parts.
6. MASCARA- I also apply mascara. On my more natural days, I use a less intense mascara like MAC’s Mineralized Mascara on top and bottom lashes.
7. COLOR & SHIMMER- Now this step is also optional. Some think the bronzer is enough color for day time. I go the extra mile and add a natural looking blush and shimmer to the cheeks. Today, I used NYX Cinnamon blush which is a nice orange color and MAC’s Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze for a subtle glow.
8. LOCK IT UP- Now, Because I’m extreme oily and I need extra staying power, I add two more products. I use a translucent setting powder to melt all the products together and to lock in all the oils.  Today, I used Black Opal Oil Blocking Setting Powder in the pressed form. Then I spray my entire face with Ben Nye Final Seal Setting spray. The setting spray not only adds longevity to the makeup, it also allows all these powders to set into the skin and look more skin like.
9. LIP ACTION- Last step is to add your favorite lip product. Today, I used MAC Lipstick in Giddy.
This routine is so quick and effective. It gets me ready in less time and still is appropriate for work or other activities.
Here’s more view of the quick face in other lighting scenarios!
Front Camera view in natural light

Back Camera with Flash in Natural Lighting

Back Camera with Flash in dim inside lighting
I hope this post helps you with your daily makeup routine. This is my quick fix makeup. Take the parts of it that will help you while finding your own quick fix face routine.
As always, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and I welcome all feedback

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