You’re Making Me Blush: Summer Faves

My Favorite Blushes

My Favorite Blushes by aprilantoinette featuring nars cosmetics

Today, I decided to do a quick post of my current favorite blushes.
Keep in mind, that I am fairer in complexion (but still African-American).

1. Nars Taj Mahal
2 Iman AfterGlow
3. Milani Powder Blush in Coral Cove
4. Milani Baked Blush in Corallina
5. Cargo Blush in Los Cabos

There are many more I love, but these are the ones in heavy rotation as of late. Blush and Highlighter has to be my favorite products!
Though these colors are flattering to a majority of skin tones, they may not work for some. So keep in mind, that you have to test them on your skin tone before purchasing.
My complexion loves these colors though. I am an NC44 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Truly Topaz in Black Opal Foundations. I also wear Tahoe in Nars All Day Flawless and Sheer Matte foundations. (to give you an idea on what color I am).
Usually, anything with a peachy or orangey undertone flatters me and all of these blushes are that tone.

What’s your favorite blush? Have you tried any of these??

I can tell you this! These blushes are globally fabulous. Beautifully priced. And Nicely pigmented. Try one and tell me what you think!

Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments and feedback are welcomed.

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