IWISH HAIR- First Impressions & Review

IWish Peruvian Curly

Hello Again!
It’s mid-june and I was itching for some new hair. After researching tons of hair companies, I decided on IWish Hair on Aliexpress.
I will begin with the specs of the hair
  • I purchased, 4 bundles (18″,20″, 22″, 24″).
  • The hair is the Peruvian Curly Hair (Hair Link)
  • Vendor is IWish Hair Ltd. Co. (Store Link)
  • I paid $159.09 for all 4 bundles.
Here’s What I looked like when it came to me.

The bundle on the far right has been co-washed. The others are directly from the package. So the curl pattern remains in tact after washing (I used Hello Hydration from Herbal Essences).
The weft was constructed pretty well and that was consistent with all the bundles. No bearding.
  • I love the softness and texture of the hair. 
  • I got minimal, if any shedding.
  • No foul order once shipped.
  • Lightweight hair. Good for hotter temps
  • No tangling. (I can run my fingers through the curls with no tugging)
  • I had a problem with shipping where the vendor didn’t write the suite number to my address. I had a little trouble getting it but it did ship pretty quickly.
  • The hair isn’t as full as I hoped. The ends seem a little bit too thin for my taste. If you like a more natural looking install, then this would probably be great for you. I like lots of hair.
I got the hair installed yesterday. All I did this morning when styling was spray the hair with a mixture of leave in conditioner and water. Nothing more. The hair in the photos below is semi-damp but I prefer when the hair dries because it gets a little bigger (not by much though). It pretty much maintains the same amount of volume.
I would pretty much recommend this hair to anyone that wants an install that looks like it could be their own hair. If you prefer lots of hair, either up the bundles, or go with another brand. Another solution probably could have been to purchase all one length and layer it after installing. I think that it would probably appear more full that way as well.

 This hair does get more volume once it’s dry. so it maybe enough. In that case, I would advise you to do your regular routine in the morning (wetting hair to refresh the curls) and then use a diffuser to dry the hair so that the volume is greater (quicker).


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