Shopping with Gwynnie Bee

Lately, I have been seeing my favorite bloggers mention a service called Gwynnie Bee. I saw that it had something to do with shopping so, intrigued, I looked it up to see what it was all about.
Now, a month prior, I was contacted by the company, offering me a free month to test out the service. I totally disregarded it because in my mind, I thought, who would really want to rent clothes???
Much to my surprise, there were alot of people that use this service and love it. So I thought, why not??
About Gwynnie Bee: (per their website)

More than two years ago, a few of us came together on a mission to create an exciting new service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations. We believe that fashion has the ability to transform your sense of self–to make you look stunning and feel just as amazing.
When I was a little girl growing up in rural Pennsylvania, my aunt made all of my clothing for me. Every Monday I had a fresh box of clothes for the week. Bright prints, matching separates, trendy styles—you name it, I wore it! They always fit and made me feel confident even as I was changing size.
Traditional shopping means considering all the limiting factors—how often you will wear each garment, whether it will match your wardrobe or go out of style, and the stress of finding the right fit when you change a size. We hope to deliver all the great things that fashion has to offer, without all the stress.

  1. I love that there is a large variety of clothing and a large variety of designers.
  2. The monthly fee is affordable. (it depends on how many items you want out at a time)
  3. There’s no commitment to keep anything. Whether you like it or not.
  4. They have a large variety of Plus Size Clothing. 
  5. They have a shopping portion of their site (where you can get past items for extremely low prices).
  6. They do all the dry-cleaning for you, so each item is cleaned before it is sent to someone.
  7. The packaging is very nice. They wrap all your rentals in beautiful paper with tags attached to let you know it was cleaned.
  8. You can save as many items to your closet as you want!
  9. The offer you a discount on the items you have at home (not a humongous discount but less than buying the same item at a store).
  10. They constantly update their new arrivals.
  11. They have a lot of popular brands.\
  12. They take care of the shipping both ways. (to them and from them)
    1. The shipping took a little while.
    2. You don’t get to choose what they send you and when they send it. They will randomly pick stuff from your closet.
    3. They combine anything you purchase within the same shipment they send your rentals. (I wanted my purchased items sooner)
    Here are my first two rentals from the service:

     Adrianna Papell dress.
     (All Accessories were purchased seperately)
    Dress: Adrianna Papell for Gwynnie Bee
    Belt: Rainbow Stores
    Bag: NY & Co. (old)
    Earrings: Fashion to Figure
    Shoes: JustFab

    Karen Kane Peasant Top
    Top: Karen Kane for Gwynnie Bee
    Skirt: Fashion to Figure (old)
    Belt: NY & Co (old)
    Bag: JustFab
    Shoes: Charles for Charles David (old)

    (disclaimer: I realized after I took the pictures that my skirt was hella wrinkled. Please spare me!!!) 🙂

    All in all, I’m really loving this service. I think it’s great for a working woman who loves to change things up but doesn’t want to committ to purchasing a lot of clothing. It can also be awesome for anyone that just loves clothes period.
     I’m going to stick with this service for a little while. I’ll keep you up to date with what I think!!!!

    *This is not a sponsored post, all though I am getting my first month free, I am not obligated to write a post in exchange. My views are 100% honest.
    All comments and feedback are welcomed
    April Antoinette

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