Something Different With BLUE APRON

With cooking and food, I try to always keep my meals new and exciting. I hate to make the same dish a whole lot. So when I heard of Blue Apron, immediately my curiosity was peaked. I cook a lot of different things but I feel I have an issue with portion control. I always cook too much. So I’ve been on the hunt on ways to keep my dinners in better portions for healthier living

 Blue Apron sends you everything you need to cook a complete meal and it is pre-portioned to fit into a certain amount of calories. Reading that gave me the green light to order.

Now let’s get into what BLUE APRON really is.
Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. We’ll provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.”

Blue Apron asks you about your dietary preferences before choosing meals that best fit you and your family. You pay per week. You can either choose a 2-Person Plan (3 meals a week for $59.94) or a Family Plan (Two meals a week at $69.92 for 4 people or Four meals a week at $139.84 for 4 people).
I chose the 2-Person Plan which gives me 3 meals a week. If you don’t feel like you want to use the service on a specific week, then you have the option to skip. It’s always sent in a refrigerated box as to keep all ingredients cold and fresh.

When they say the send you everything, they send you EVERYTHING you need to complete the meal. The only things I used of my own were salt, pepper, and olive oil. 

So here is the very first meal that I made. They advised that if you receive a fish/seafood dish, to cook it first so it can maintain it’s peak freshness. So that’s what I went for.

Last night I made Seared Cod and Fergola Pasta with Braised Summer Vegetables.
Along with all the ingredients, you get a recipe card to walk you through the steps. And I also love that they are printed on great stock paper. That means I can add them to my personal recipe book and refer to them later if I want to repeat the dish on my own.

Now I’m not too big on onions. I use them in cooking but only in dishes that allow them to disappear. It’s a textural thing for me. With that being said, I opted out of using the red onion and added two carrots chopped.
Other than that, I made the dish as stated on the recipe card.

Here’s what I ended up with.

My man and I enjoyed the meal. It was very flavorful, nutritious and full of color. I loved that it was just enough. Not overly heavy or too much. 

I’m sure I’ll stick with incorporating this food option into my lifestyle. It gives me new ideas to try and I can adjust and add to the recipes if I so desire. It really helps my cooking creativity and the price is amazing.

If you’re into cooking and need some inspiration, try Blue Apron. It definitely is worth the money spent.

*This is not a sponsored post. All the ideas and opinions are my own. The service was purchased with my own money.

Be Blessed Family.
Until Next Post,
April Antoinette

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