Paisley Perfection

Dress: Spruce & Sage for Gwynnie Bee
Bag: New Look (here)
Slingback Pumps: ShoeDazzle (here)
Jewelry: c/o Rocksbox
I usually am not a fan of Paisley anything but this dress is the epitome of stylish comfort. I am overly enthused at the fact that it creates and smooth and seamless silhouette without shape wear or hosiery.  I love the print in just two colors (versus the other paisley prints that have a million colors in them). I wanted to add a little pop to the ensemble so I chose yellow accent pieces that were all centered around my Rocksbox necklace.
My makeup for today, I chose to keep simple. Just a splash of color on the lids with mega lashes (but still natural enough for work)

This is one of my favorite all together looks to date. The dress is super comfy and can easily be dressed down with flats and a jacket. 

* All items in this post were purchased by me except for the jewelry that was sent by Rocksbox.
Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you got some still inspiration from my post. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.
Stay Fabulous!
April Antoinette

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