Alter Ego

I think everyone should have an alter ego to help combat the boredom and mundane tasks of everyday life. When I get bored with my look, I always create a new person. Switching up your hair and everyday look can give you a whole new attitude and fierceness.

This week, I changed my hair color and style and I instantly felt like some sort of super assassin or hero out of the pages of a comic. I’d like to call this personality Nahtasha. She’s fierce, fiery like her hair, and kicks ass in everyday situations. Her super power is being able to demolish any goal set in her path. Her arch nemesis is the uber frumpy and unfashionable. 😊😊😆😆

Switching up your hair, makeup, and/or clothes can not only be fun, but can give you the boost you need to accomplish the things you normally wouldn’t. For me, its just fun and apart of who I am. I love to keep them guessing. Does anyone else do this? Do you have an alter ego?

Let’s get into the outfit…

Coat: Forever 21+
Boots: Aerosoles (super comfy)
Bag: JustFab
Jeans: Forever21+

Thanks for visiting me in all my whacky-ness today. All comments and questions are most certainly welcomed.
Until next post. Live Well, Dress Well, Be Well


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