What to Wear Wednesday: Bridal Shower Finds

Hello Out There. Nice to have you back on the blog! Yes, YOU. The ones that take the time out to read my posts.

Well, I thought that I would start to dedicate my Wednesdays to blog about what to wear to certain events or situations. Hence the name, “What to Wear Wednesdays”.

Today’s Volume of What to Wear is dedicated to Bridal Shower Looks. I have been searching high and low for the perfect look for my Bridal Shower. I don’t know many details of my bridal shower, because I’m not planning it, but I do know I want to look great! lol That’s what’s important. I believe the most important factor in choosing a look is to get an idea of the theme and to stay true to who you are. I want to look great but I still want to look like me.

After searching various sites and not finding anything I was in love with, I finally came across a brand called City Chic. I went from finding NOTHING to finding EVERYTHING. Being that the season will be Summer, I wanted to find something that is in trend for summer. So of course, I searched for bright colors and florals. City Chic Online gave me so many options. I still haven’t purchased one yet but I found ALOT to choose from. I’m more of a dress wearer so I opted for all dress looks in this summary of my favorites. But if you aren’t really into dresses, City Chic has so many fabulous tops and pant options. Just take a browse on their site. Now before I get into my faves on the site, I want to let you know that the brand is also available in fine retailers nationwide (i.e Nordstrom and Bloomingdale). They are little more expensive in price but I feel it’s totally worth it. Dresses range from $80-$200.

Now let’s take a look at my favorite looks! All of these can be found at www.citychiconline.com under the “Occasion Dresses” Tab.

As always, I thank you for visiting my blog. All comments and feedback are welcomed.
Until Next Post!

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