Vintage Finds: The Floral Pillbox

Lately I’ve been into falling into vintage shopping, particularly hats and bags. Amongst my favorite are the vintage boater hats and the traditional pillbox hats. While searching on, I came across a new style of pillbox that I’ve never really seen (not new in the sense of they were just created but new in the sense that they’re new to me). The floral pillbox hat is shaped like a big flower and can be worn a ton of ways. They don’t fit the entire head though. They can be secured with combs (they are attached) or hair pins (or a combination of the two for more security). Thus far, I’ve found 2 that I’m utterly obsessed with. I think they’re so stylish and so lovely and can be modernized in so many ways. I haven’t worn them yet but trust I’m searching for the right look to incorporate these beauties. So here are my two Vintage Floral Pillbox Hats.

* The photos were taken by the sellers but they pretty much arrived looking exactly like the pictures.

Aqua Floral Vintage Pillbox Hat

Yellow Vintage Floral Pillbox Hat

Can you get into this style? How would you wear them??
You’ll just have to stay tuned to see how I style mine!
As always, I welcome any comments or feedback. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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