Plus Size ShapeWear… MUST-HAVES

Too Often, I find myself in pain in the middle of the day due to the fact that my shapewear is cutting in to my thigh or elsewhere. I love the feeling and look that shapewear gives but why does it have to be so damn uncomfortable?? I have gone through various companies and still found nothing that resembles comfortable. Until now…
I took a chance on the Ashley Stewart Line of shapewear. Not having very high hopes. I mean, I had been let down before. But I was pleasantly surprised. These pieces have to be the most comfortable & breathable line of shapewear out there to date.
Firstly, I love that the pieces are moderately priced. You’re not spending $100+ on each piece.
Next, I love that the shorts (something I wear under all my dresses) has a comfort band around the openings of the thighs and stomach. I experience no shifting, bunching or (the worse part of shapewear) the slide-down.
Lastly, these pieces don’t cause me to be overly hot. They are made of a very breathable material. It almost feels like I’m wearing nothing. Which is a plus, since it’s summer.

If you’re someone like me, always on the hunt for the perfectly comfortable but effective shape-wear, these were definitely made with you in mind.

Check them out at


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Peace Love and Fabulosity!!!

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