Two Divas/One Dress

They always say, “Great Minds Think Alike” and this couldn’t be anymore true. My Makeup Sister, Gwen Pettie,  and I didn’t even plan this! It just happened.

So we both subscribe to the amazing clothing service Gwynnie Bee (Mentioned a previous posts) and we both got this dress around the same time. So I figured why not blog the look. What’s even more weird is we kind of styled our hair and accessories the same way (totally unintentional).
Not only is this dress uber flattering on both bodies, the color helps our melanin radiate.

This has to be my most favorite style of dress. The sleeves and cape detailing make the dress feel goddess like and the flirty-ness of the skirt gives it a little something extra. Though it is only sold through Gwynnie Bee, the dress is made by City Chic Online (which can be found at Nordstroms).
We BOTH are in LOVE with this dress.

So now, I hit you with the various poses to show this beauty off.

If you like the idea of the Two Divas/One Dress Collabs, let me know. I’d love to do something like this again.
This unintentional collab was super fun though and I appreciate my sister/friend Gwen Pette for agreeing to send my photos. You can find her on social media at the links below:
Website|Gwen Pettie Beauty

Instragram| Gwen Pettie Green

The Knot| GPB @ The Knot

As always, I thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. All comments and feedback are welcomed.

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