Getting Intimate with Torrid

As we all know, I’ve been preparing for my upcoming nuptials since November of last year. In doing that, I’ve been getting my honeymoon wardrobe on fleek. You can’t go on a honeymoon trip without new lingerie. So the search began.
One thing I’ve always found disturbing is finding intimates that look both beautiful and luxurious without the luxury tag. And to make it worse, I had to try to find all of this in plus sizes!!!
I wasn’t very optimistic going into this process. lol But behold, TORRID to the rescue. Now, I did see some other amazing pieces on some other sites BUT the quality and design of this collection of intimates far exceeded those of the others I purchased.

Though I don’t think I’m quite ready to show pictures of me in my skivvies (aka intimates lol), I did want to show off some of the pieces I purchased.

So here’s some of what I got:

One of my favorite sets!!!

The ultimate nude for my melanated sistas

I live and breathe for this set

The most adorable purchase of them all

I think the high-waisted panty has to be one of the sexiest pieces of the collection. I was super excited about those. The half slips and long line tops are so “plus size diva” friendly but still and yet, they are uber sexy. They create an amazing silhouette. All of the intimates in this collection take me back to a different era when being voluptuous and curvy was the goal and women wore luxurious pieces on the daily. I wish  we would could all adopt that way of dressing into the current day and time.
I’m completely obsessed with every single piece and I love that they all flatter my body in various ways!!!
The complete line of intimates can be viewed below by clicking the link:
There are so many different things to choose from but all uniquely beautiful. The prices are moderate and fall in line with the rest of Torrids clothing.
This is not a sponsored post. Everything purchased was with my own funds and all thoughts are completely my own.
I welcome all feedback and comments.

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