Code Neon: Incorporating Neons into your wardrobe

There are no rules to this thing called Fashion. There are only guidelines that you can use or totally ignore. But there are some of us that just don’t know what to do and actually would like to get it right when it comes to Style.

One trend that never fades is Neon in the Summer. Year after year we see it but done in different ways.

 Here is MY take on how to incorporate Neons into your wardrobe.
Now keep in  mind, there is no right and wrong answer here. You have to do what feels authentic to who you are. In saying that, I’m advising you take what you need from my post and apply as you see fit.


1. If in doubt, Start small!

Since Neon is so powerful, you don’t want to overdo it out the gate. If you’re ever in doubt, start with a piece like a shoe, a bag, or even just a nail polish. Throw it with a neutral outfit and that’s a winning look.


2. Go Bold or Go Home!!

Add a necklace, a ring, or earrings in a bold neon.  Keep the rest of the outfit simple or neutral


3. One or the other

If you are doing neutral clothing then add the neon accessories. But if you are doing neon clothing, then shoes, bags and other accessories should be neutral. You don’t want to have too much going on.

4. Color Wheel Makeup

Do a pop of color on the face that accentuates or enhances the color of the neon you choose.( i.e. Green compliments Purple so doing a purple lip with a neon green shoe is pleasing to the eye).


Don’t be scared to just try something new. Put it together, photograph and see what it looks like on you. If you don’t like it, try something else. It’s only fashion, it comes off at the end of the day!

Outfit Deets:

Necklace| Street Vendor
Lippie| Too Faced Melted Violet Liquid Lipstick

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! As always, feedback and comments are always welcomed.
Much Love To Ya!!
April Antoinette Xx

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