Glow On’ Girl

Summer is Rapidly approaching and what better way to usher in the season than with glowy dewey makeup?? Being that I’m super oily (skin type), I like a faux glow. I thoroughly dislike my face to have an all over glow because throughout the day, the glow/dew will turn into more like GREASE! Yuck. Who wants that? So instead of illuminating everywhere, I strategically place my glow.

I’ve found the best type of products for me to use is Powder Highlights. They stay in place and they look better as the makeup sets into the skin. So basically, I choose this formula for it’s longevity.

To help you navigate the endless rows of Highlighters, I’ve compiled a list of my TOP Highlighters.

*Disclaimer: Everything isn’t for everyone. These are the products and brands that have been tested on myself and my clients. These are in no type of order and they work on a variety of skin tones



First PRO about this product is that it’s a loose powder. Loose powders tend to be very easy to work with and leave a nice satiny finish on the skin. This particular shade is just perfect for so many. On my melanated girls I use it as the perfect highlighter shade. On my Caucasian skinned clients, I use it as a bronzer instead. On Olive skin tones, such as Middle Eastern women, this color is a dream!!! MAC used to have a shade in this same powder called SILVER DUSK. If you can find it/get your hands on it, then you’d definitely be winning. IT’s AMAZING for Light to Medium Skin Tones.


 I think these highlighters MUST have descended from heaven. The price point is AMAZING for the amount of product you get ($40: $10 a shade). The shades are all extraordinary! ABH released 2 kits to target the full spectrum of shimmer. “That Glow” kit is better suited for Darker Hued beauties (like MAC NC40-50/NW40-50 shades) and the “Gleam” kit works best on paler skin tones. But if you’re like me, then you bend all the rules and mix colors. These powders are smooth, finely milled, and shimmery (not sparkly/glittery). Definitely a GLOW STAPLE.


I believe of all the highlighters I own, These have to be my most used and absolute favorite. But be careful, these are not for those that want a subtle glow. They give off the ultimate SHINE FACTOR. They are still great for everyday though. They’re sold separately and in a trio palette (I own both forms). I can easily wear all of the colors with my skin tone but my two faves are Cindy and Betty. Betty is a great bronze glow that goes well with all makeup. Cindy is more on the pink side and goes perfect with pink or neutral blushes.



These have to be the most talked about products by Beauty Vloggers and Bloggers alike. They retail for a pretty penny ($38) but they contain .28 ounces of product. Are they worth the price?? HECK YEAH. They’re ultra smooth and silky. The shade range is IMPECCABLE. They have a shade for EVERYONE. The colors I own are OPAL, CHAMPAGNE POP, and BLUSHED COPPER (which is too dark for me to use as a highlighter but I use it as a blush). They also come in cream and liquid versions (which I don’t prefer on myself due to my skins oiliness). So there is a formula and shade for everyone! I recommend using the “Poured” version for a subtle glow. The liquid version for the all over glow underneath makeup and the “Pressed” version for the strategically placed spot highlighting.

 There are many others I love and use but these few have been kit and personal staples of mine for quite sometime now. I love that the highlighters mentioned can be used on all skintypes and in various ways.

What’s your favorite highlighter???

Until Next Post

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