Our Wedding Day!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been absent for the last few weeks. If you didn’t, shame on you! lol..
Well, I got married a week ago!!! Yay!!!
Our wedding happened in Miami on September 5th.
Everything went as well as I could hope for. I worked with amazing vendors and everything went the way I wanted. I’m overly joyed.
It was a stressful process planning it all out (with no Wedding Planner might I add). It ultimately was a day filled with God, Family. Friends & Love. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
We haven’t gotten all the official pictures back as of yet, but I figured I’d give you all a peek into the day! All photos were provided by our Wedding Photographer: +Nate.Veal@natevealphotography.com 
I hope you enjoy!!
Shalena of Angel Love Beauty Slayed my face for the wedding. She also did all my bridesmaids.
IG: +Shalena Butler 

He caught me in a moment of prayer

My mom to help me get ready!!!

That’s the hubby! With his handsome self
Hubby and some of his groomsmen!

Pops and I! My expression is a little weird though! lol

He never stopped smiling that day!!!
My bridesmaids and I.. Don’t these colors just sing!!!! The woman on my right with the Purple is my Maid of Honor.  My dress is by Julieta/Mori Lee Bridal. I added a custom sash and sleeves. Their dresses are by David’s Bridal (Vera Wang Collection)

My cake! That I’m so sad I forgot to cut into. But I do have pictures on the way (faux cake cutting :)) My cake stand was custom made by a shop on Etsy and the Cake Topper was made custom by another vendor I met on Facebook.

The same vendor that customized my cake topper did my shoes. These are made by Badgley Mishka and customized with Crystals. (THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN BY THE VENDOR THAT CUSTOMIZED THE SHOES)
I loved the simple elegance of the tables and settings. The flowers were done by my Aunt (who has her own floral business in Jacksonville ,FL) and the rest of the tables were done by my Mother. (it’s her thing)

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into our Big Day. Whenever I receive more pictures, I’ll be sure to share with you all. You can view photos of guests and other events through our wedding hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. Just enter: #allhailthekings2016 or #demkings2016

As always, comments and questions are always welcomed.
“Love is Stronger than Pride”
April King…

7 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day!

  1. Kathy W. says:

    Ok, so you know how some people just LOVE weddings? They can't wait to see all the pix and hear all the details? You know the type. I call them wedding girls. Me, i'm whatever is the opposite of a wedding girl. I couldn't care less about the dress, the flowers, the cake, all of that. (Stay with me – this comment gets better).

    All of that to say – I LOVED your pix. So stunning! Everything about your wedding was beautiful! This from a person who's totally NOT into weddings at all.

    May you and your beloved have a long and wonderful marriage!


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