Transitioning Your Wardrobe

It’s Officially Fall Time and with Fall comes cooler weather. But the weather hasn’t gotten the notice just yet! Here in NYC the mornings are kind of cool but the afternoon heats up. Not exactly Sweater and Boot Weather.
So I decided to give you a few of my simple steps to transition your summer wardrobe into Fall without completely committing to Fall attire.


Layering is the single most important step to transitioning your wardrobe. Adding a fun knit sweater, a thin leather jacket or a light denim always brings a dress or jumpsuit into the current season.
I tend to stay in fall like materials but in lighter weight versions (light suede, light leather, and denim) . You can also layer underneath. Adding a shirt underneath a maxi dress, gives it a fall-like look and feel.
Example: You can see in the photo below, I took a textured summer dress and layered a lightweight leather jacket on top. I opted for cream versus white (NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY LOL).
Jacket| Ashley Stewart (old)
Dress| NY&Co
Sandals| 9West
Bag| JustFab (old)


Adding Fall Textures and Fall Colors into your already existing wardrobe (with bags, shoes, and belts) makes for an easy transition. In the picture above, I added a bold cobalt bag and reptile textured sandals for a fall feel. In some instances, I’d add a funky hat or some other piece to bring the outfit into the current season. Play with different textures and color combinations.


Changing up the makeup colors you use is simple. Instead of a bright orange lippie, try a deeper hue of orange or brown. Instead of colorful eyeshadow, choose warmer tones. Mauves and Berries are definitely in for Fall ALWAYS. So opt for those instead of neons and brights.
It’s as simple as that! No hard thinking and definitely no breaking of banks. Use what you have. Make it work.
But Always remember, these are just MY tips, you gotta do what works for you! Make decisions based on your style and preference. If my tips are helpful then use them. If not, pass them along to someone they can help.
As always, I welcome all comments and feedback!
Enjoy this Fabulous Thursday

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