Make them Pieces Hit!

Welcome Back!!! I know it’s been a week or so since we’ve last met up, but here we are. It’s October already.
 The thing I like most about this time of the year are the rich color options in clothing!!! (Not that you can’t wear these colors year round but the availability of options are limitless during the fall)
I think my favorite color combo HAS to be Pumpkin and Cranberry (or a deep burgundy color). I’m all for this pairing in work and play clothing.
With these two colors, the neutrals can be anything (nude, navy, animal print (yes I use animal prints as a neutral).
Here I paired a textured pencil skirt in PUMPKIN with a rich hued Cargo Anorak Jacket. I chose to belt it to give it a little more structure. The shoes and belt are a richer/darker hue of Burgundy to add a bit of dimension and to finish it off, I added Cheetah print earrings.
Totally making each piece hit with the placement and pairings of the other pieces.
I am so HERE for this color combo. What about you??
Skirt/Tank (Ashley Stewart: SOLD OUT Skirt)
Belt: NY&CO
Shoes: Amazon

Photography: Kadijah Nichole
*This is not a sponsored post*
As always, I enjoy your feedback. All comments are welcomed.
Are you interested in hair deets?? Leave a comment and let me know if I should add information on my various hair looks!
Until Next Post

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