Fall Type Maxi

During the Spring/Summer Season, there was this one dress that almost everyone seemed to either have or want. I, like the rest, was totally enamored with that specific dress. So, of course, I bought it. But I never took the chance to photograph it because, as we already stated above, everyone had it.
Dress Shown Below
No longer available on the site.
I LOVED IT SO MUCH, that I went back and got it in another color. The dress just looked and fit amazing on me. So why not?? However, I never got a chance to wear it during the Spring/Summer Season.
So, while delving into my closet, I came across it again. Still baring it’s gitionline.com tag. I started thinking quickly, how can I make this cold weather appropriate?? So I tried it on again and fell in love with it all over!
The sleeves already gave me the coverage I needed on my arms for the cold-weather, but I added a leather layer. For extra protection. I chose the peplum styled PU simulated leather jacket from Forever21 to give an exaggerated Oomph around the waist. And then I topped it off with my favorite street find, this AMAZING HAT.  I kept the boot really simple but they are calve height.
*Style Notes: I choose the dress with the darker background because it fits into fall a little better for me. And I kept my makeup very warm and neutral to bring an added layer of Fall Realness.
DRESS| (No Longer Available) Similar HERE  JACKET| HERE
Boots| Old by Aerosole  Hat| NYC Street Vendor
Jewelry| Lane Bryant

Maxi Dresses just work for all seasons. All it takes is a simple re-arranging of accessories and layers and you can definitely make your favorite SummerTime staple, your Fall “IT’ Piece.
(All elements of this look were purchased with my own money. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST).
All comments and feedback are welcomed! Let me know what you think of this look.
As always, thank you for stopping by!
April Antoinette

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