Let’s Talk Thrifting… My Thrifting Tips

As I child, I hated going to the “Second Hand” stores with my mom. It was one of her hobbies and because she promised we would go to regular department stores as well, i would tag along. Little did i know, that as an adult, I would love it too. I thank her now for showing me the ins and outs of Thrifting and i want to share with you all my tips and tricks.
Cape Coat Thrifted From @KazVault. Can be found on Instagram
1. Shop with no expectations.
I find that when I’m looking for an exact item, i never find it. But when i just look, to look, i find everything. Go in with no expectations. Be open to look at everything.
2. Find thrift and second hand stores in more expensive neighborhoods or theater districts.
When I go thrifting, i tend to look in the theatre districts or near opera houses. I always find unique things with minimal wear and tear (please note: it is not ALWAYS the case, but i has worked for me more often than not). Thrifting in more affluent communities tend to bare more labels and amazing antique jewelry.ย 
3. Try Online.
There are so many second-hand sites and apps now. Sites and Apps like ThredUp, Poshmark, Etsy, etc. Even GoodWill has an online store for Thrifting. Check Instagram as well. So many Thrift Sellers on there. I tend to actually have more luck online.
4. Wash Everything.
This maybe a given but it has to be said. You don’t know who the first owner was, so either have it cleaned or wash it yourself. Just to be safe.

5. Look for Classic Labels That Stand The Test Of Time.
There are certain brands that never go out of style. Seek those brands out. They tend to still look on trend.
6. Mix Them Up.
I will always mix my thrift finds with recent purchases. Adds a more interesting feel to an outfit. One of my style icons has done this for years (Carrie Bradshaw: Sex & The City) and has always looked chic doing it. If Carrie does it, then so must I. Lol.
7. Don’t settle on the listed price.
In most cases, the listed price is the start to negotiations. Always attempt to get the items for cheaper.
8. Search for that Diamond In The Rough.
Make sure you pay attention to your labels. Alot of times, you can find amazing Vintage pieves from high end brands. And we all know that everything comes back around. (i.e. MCM.)
There’s no right or wrong way to thrift. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun. Hopefully my tips help you to find that Thrifters Gold or that Perfect Piece.
Happy Shopping

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