Emerald City Chic

When I was a little girl, I used to be in awe of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. I thought it was so magistic and magical. I loved the story line and the thought of having Ruby slippers. I loved cowardly lion’s curls and Dorothy’s Gingham Dress. I used to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” imagining I was in the movie. My most favorite scenes were the arrival to Emerald City. Everything was just so beautiful. The main characters even got more beautiful after they arrived in Emerald City.  The got makeovers by the talented Glam Squad of Oz. What girly girl wouldn’t love that part?? If you lived in Emerald City, what statement outfit would you wear??

I don’t live in Emerald city but decided to channel my inner Oz Resident in this look. Various hues of luxurious greens. I didn’t stop at one shade. I threw a whole bunch together in this look.

Green has to be one of my favorite colors, especially the richer tones that appear around the holidays. They seem to look and feel more lush. Velvets and Satins and Silks, Oh My!!! I’m just totally obsessed.

Did you love “The Wizard of Oz” as much as I did??

Jacket| NY&Co

Jeans| LaLa Anthony Collection

Boots| ShoeDazzle

Bag| Zara

Tank| Lord & Taylor Collection

Faux Fur| EBay

Jewelry| Swarovski

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Until Next Post… Xoxo

April Antoinette

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