Poncho Perfect

Ever since moving to NY, i have been a big fan of ponchos, wraps, and other layering pieces. I come from a city where it would usually be unnecessary to wear something so warm. It just really doesn’t get cold enough in Miami. So now that i can, I tend to buy them in excess. I’m always scouting ponchos and wraps. In my opinion, you can never have enough. It’s a timeless staple in my wardrobe.

When perusing my usual sites, I found this lovely poncho. I immediately added it to my cart. Ponchos are just easy for me. You can wear something plain underneath and the ensemble still packs a punch.

Poncho| NY& Co [Similar (HERE)]

Hat| Forever 21

Choker Sweater| Fashion To Figure

Boots| Torrid

Gloves| Lord & Taylor

Jeans| Rebel Wilson x Angels Collection

Belt| Very Old

Do you love ponchos as much as I do?? What’s your favorite type of layering piece??

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! All comments and questions are welcome. Until next post.

April Antoinette


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