Lash Barbie featuring Esqido Lashes

Hey Guys!! I’m so happy to have made it to 2018. This promises to be an amazing year!
With this renewal of the year comes new and exciting content for “What April Wore”. This year, I’m starting with a makeup review.

I was sent two pair of lashes with lash glue from Esqido Mink Lashes. I was so excited for the opportunity to try these amazing lashes for the first time. I’m a lash girl so I’m always looking for some great lashes.

My biggest concern with lashes is their ability to hold up for re-use. Cheap lashes usually aren’t strong enough for multiple applications. So I usually splurge for better quality.


  • I love the packaging. The epitome of luxury.
  • The styles fit my eye perfectly. They curve right to the lash line
  • They are affordable. Not super expensive.
  • The glue is fantastic. The best I’ve used. Great for sensitive eyes.
  • The lashes are so wispy and beautiful. Adds so much beauty to the eye.
  • I used one pair in 3 looks. Still as good as new.
  • They are very comfortable to wear. I didn’t really feel them on.
  • The lash band isn’t bulky or thick. Looks more natural.
  • They are mink. Definitely can see the difference from regular smegular lashes.

Fortunately, I have no cons about these lashes. They are definitely a must have in my honest opinion. Oh, and the glue, is a definite for any brand of lashes. It’s rare I find an adhesive that doesn’t make me tear. (P.S- AND It’s latex free)

Lash Companion:

Here are a few looks with the lashes

All in all, these were a win for me.

Something you definitely need to try.

Happy New Year Lovies. Here’s to a great year.


April Antoinette

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