Switching Gears

Hey Family!!!

I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted any content. I’ve been quite busy changing jobs and you know, life gets in the way sometimes. In my time off, I’ve been really thinking on where I want to take this blog and my social media platforms.

While I’m still enamored with Fashion, I’ve decided to really focus on beauty and skincare. This area is one that I’ve put alot of time and education into. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 9 years now and I’m always asked about product recommendations and my views on different technologies. So, I’ve decided to switch gears on my platforms to bring you guys, my readers, more information on beauty and skincare products, reviews, swatches, & hopefully tutorials in the near future. There will be some Fashion sprinkled in as well

I’m very excited for the new focus and I hope you are too. I’m always open to hear from you on the content you’d like from me and open to questions. Stay tuned for live tutorials, product hauls and reviews and so much more. I also want to introduce you to the new name!!! Glamour Impulse!!!!

Stay Tuned!!!


April Antoinette

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