“NEW” Salicylic Acid 2% Masque from The Ordinary


The Ordinary has done it again!!! Today, they will launch their first mask: Salicylic Acid 2% Masque. And it’s EVERYTHING you would want from an anti-blemish treatment.

[If you aren’t familiar with The Ordinary you must live under a rock. The brand falls under the DECIEM, THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY umbrella. The Ordinary is specifically known for it’s single active ingredients at reasonable costs. The brand has taken the industry by storm due to it’s effectiveness while being less than a 3rd of the price of most skin care companies (even lower than RX stores). You can find out more about the brand at www.deciem.com.]

*Disclaimer: I was given this product as employee gratis but that does not sway my opinion on the effectiveness of the product. I have not been asked to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Facts About The Mask:

*vegetable charcoal & clay help to de-congest and mattify the skin

* salicylic helps with the re-texturizing of the stratum corteum (outer most layer of skin)

*suggested for 1x/2x a week use

*suggested for blemish prone skin

*USD retail price $12.50

*1.7 Fl. Oz/50 ml of product


This cannot be used in the same Regimen as strong direct acids, EUK (A Strong Antioxidant), & Peptides.


[My skin type: Very Oily, Congested, Blemish prone, porous/textured]

I have used this mask for a week (2x). I already have noticed it purging my skin. I did get 2 breakouts but they were cleared up the very next day. I used this in conjunction with my regular treatments. I stayed clear of my Vitamin C serum, Retinol, & other direct acids. I like the results thus far. I’ve seen an instant smoothness (which I hardly ever get from other masks). I also noticed my pores appeared smaller. I didn’t experience any dryness but of course I hydrated after the mask. I do intend on putting this mask in my regular rotation (I have other masks but I really like this one).

All in all I believe that this mask is definitely worth adding to your skincare regimen. Even if you only need a purge & resurfacing of your skin once a week. I think all skin types can benefit from this mask. It’s reasonably priced and it’s quite effective. That’s a win/win in my book.

You can purchase this mask & other “The Ordinary” products from Deciem.com & Deciem Stores (US Locations: New York, Chicago, San Francisco). Most can also be found on Sephora.com & Beautybay.com.

As all good things must come to an end, so must this post! Until next read…

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