The BEST Blending Sponge You’d Never Expect

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for great tools. If they are less expensive, that is a plus. Sponges have quickly become one of my favorite tools for flawless makeup applications and it is imperative for me to have multiples of all my tools. Buying so many definitely adds up.

One day, i was making a quick run to Rite Aid for toiletries. [No matter when or where I happen upon a drugstore, I always stop in the cosmetics section.] As I was looking to see what was new, I happened upon this E.L.F blending sponge. I didn’t have high hopes for it but i thought I’d try it anyway. I mean, what could it hurt. It was only $4. Little did I know that this would quickly become my favorite sponge.

E.L.F Sculpting & Blending Sponge

The reason this sponge is a step above the rest is that it works AMAZING wet OR dry. I always found that my Beauty Blender didn’t work the best for me dry. I would always have to dampen it through out my makeup applications. Also, the Beauty Blender is $20 a sponge. I was spending so much on them. This sponge, however, works so well dry. It blends like a dream for both cream and liquid products. I even use one to set my concealer using loose powder. Another plus is it’s latex free!!!

Anytime I see one in store, try to buy all of the units the store has on display. Move over Beauty Blender, ELF has taken the top spot!!!

Make sure you pick up a couple and leave me a message on how well they perform.

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