The Drugstore Concealer Everyone Needs.

Drugstore Makeup has come along way. I can remember in the late 90s the ashiness and the lack of coverage and colors that adorned the shelves. It almost seemed like they were advertising 50 shades of Beige. They definitely lacked a variety of shades for women of color and the pigmentation of eyeshadows and blushes were non-existent. Well this isn’t the case now. We’ve seen almost a rapid incline of deeper shades in foundation, blushes that extend to deep oranges and corals, and eyeshadows and pro products with variety and high pigment. I love to peruse the makeup aisles in Duane Reade now because I’m sure to find something exciting and new.

As stated previously, I couldn’t really count on finding concealers in the drugstore. I usually ran into the problem of lack of coverage. I’m more of a liquid concealer type of girl and the drugstore really didn’t offer full coverage concealers. Most recently, it seems like all the brands have been focusing their attention on higher coverage complexion products in a variety of shades. Loreal has been a trend setter in this arena. They’ve recently introduced an amazing concealer to their Infallible Line.

Loreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer

This concealer is a liquid marvel. It glides on easily with the doe-foot applicator. It can be used for concealing, highlighting, and contouring. And it’s available in 25 shades. The price point is moderate (ranging from $10-$13 depending on the retailer) and it’s available almost everywhere Drugstore Brands are sold. Though it goes on liquidity, it dries to a soft matte finish. This is one of the most inclusive concealer launches in drugstores to date.

Here are it’s claims…


  • More than concealer, Full coverage and full-face wear
  • Waterproof, transfer-resistant, fade-resistant
  • Cover, contour, and shape your face
  • Completely covers imperfections, minimizes redness and scars
  • Full wear concealer, in 25 shades for every skin tone
  • Up to 24 hr wear

Though I can’t co-sign on the 24 hr wear, I can say it lasts on my skin for a long time. It hasn’t creased or faded on me (I’ve been wearing it for about a month now). It is a full coverage however, it doesn’t feel cakey. It also doesn’t dry super quick so you do have a little play time.

The colors I purchased: Toffee & Cedar

If you are in the market for a new concealer and you want to save some coins, this is definitely worth the try. The only downside would be for those that just aren’t a fan of full coverage. But for those that want full matte coverage, hurry and pick this one up.

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