Top 5 Must- Have Sweat Proof Foundations for Summer

Hey Beauty Boos! Summer is in full throttle in New York. While I love all the fun things to get into during these hotter months, I am NOT a fan of sweating my look out. It’s like you have to find new ways to not sweat out your hair and wear chafing guards on your thighs, if they’re thick like mine lol. However, one thing that I have gotten down pat is my foundation choices. Whether you’re just going to brunch with the girls, attending an all white party, or you’re just out and about all day, I’ve compiled a list for you that’s sure to keep your face in tact and the party going. These 5 foundations will get you through this summer still maintaining your flawless beats! (All the other stuff, you’ll just have to work out on your own lol).

1. ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLEWEAR (24 Hr Stay in Place Makeup) $43

It isn’t called Doublewear for nothing. You’ll get double the staying power and wear. I mean this foundation holds up in the hottest of weather. I’ve worn this in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Miami and to Orlando theme parks and maintained complete flawlessness. They even have it in a lighter version if you aren’t so keen to grab a full coverage foundation. If you are more of a powder girl, boom, they have that as well. They all work amazingly and last super long on the skin.



Tarte has made the ultimate budgeproof follow-up to it’s cult classic concealer (Tarte Shape Tape). Along with the sweatproof, crease proof, life proof staying power, this foundation seems to blur my Crater sized pores. It mattifies but doesn’t leave my face feeling stiff. It’s the ultimate filter in a bottle. I mean on the hottest of hot days this foundation has got your back.

3. LANCOME TEINT IDOLE (Ultra Wear) $47

I have been wearing this foundation for years. It has the perfect amount of coverage. The finish is absolutely beautiful and I can attest to the extremely long wear time. I’ve loved this foundation so much that I evem opted to wear it on my wedding day. It literally lasted until after midnight. Another plus is the added sun protection. This has been my ride or die foundation for a long time. Lancome released a stick version of this series and it’s equally as good.


I got a chance to pick up this beautiful foundation while in Vegas last year. I’d heard some great things about it and had heard Alissa Ashley collaborated with NYX on this campaign. So you know I had to get it. My husband and I went to Vegas around Labor Day (super hot, I know) and this foundation lasted extremely long against the Vegas sun. I was pleasantly surprised that a less expensive alternative would last so long.


This has been my day to day foundation for a little over a year. This formula is unlike any other I’ve come across. All though the texture is very thin, it is full coverage. Once it sets, it literally stays on until you double cleanse. The best part about it is you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. It has the sun protection benefit along with breathability that most full coverage foundations don’t have.

So now that I’ve compiled the list of your summer staples, let me know in the comments what your favorites are or if you’ve tried any of these.

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